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Energy Agency of the Region of Madrid

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About us

Private foundation and non-profit organization.

Founded by:

Advices and Collaborates with the General Directorate of Industry, Energy and Mines of the Regional Government of Madrid.

Was created in the framework of the "Intelligent Energy-Europe" Program 2007-2013.

Management Board

Regional Government of Madrid:
   Regional Ministry for Economy and Technological Innovation (6)
   National Energy Agency: IDAE Institute for Diversification and Energy Saving (1)

Business representation:
   Enterprise Organization of the Region of Madrid - CEIM (1)
   Chamber of Commerce of the Region of Madrid (1)

   Rey Juan Carlos University (1)
   Madrid Polytechnic University (1)

Energy companies:
   Repsol YPF (1)
   CEPSA (1)
   ENDESA Energía (1)
   Iberdrola, S.A. (1)
   Unión Eléctrica Fenosa, S.A. (1)
  Gas Natural SDG, S.A. (1)

Agency Structure

Agency structure

Agency Function

Technical assistance.

Execution of measures for promotion of RUE (Rational Use of Energy) and development of RES (Renewable Energy Sources).

Dissemination and public awareness activities.

Integration of the Region of Madrid energy actions in the EU framework.



Paseo de la Habana, 141—Bajo A
28036 Madrid, Spain


Mr. Rafael Tejedor

Mail:  Paseo de la Habana, 141
         Bajo A, 28036 Madrid, Spain

E-mail: moc.mocrenef@rodejetr

Tel.:       00.34. 91 353 21 97

Fax:       00.34. 91 353 21 98


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